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Tissue Advertising

Tissue advertising is one of the best strategies you can use to expose your brand. Tissues advertising can be tricky, however, it is an effective form of advertising. The tissue advertising trend has cut across all continents, and it has one of the most acceptable and attractive ways to get exposure for your brand. It involves the use of tissue packs to advertise products and services. Almost every home in the world uses a tissue, and this form of advertising ensures you have a large number of audience. If you are considering a practical way to win the heart of your treated audience, this is one of the best strategies to use.

  • It is easy to produce: As many as 9,000 packets can be produced and delivered with the space of just 4 weeks. This means you can reach as many as 3000 homes within a week.
  • Wide Reach and Circulation: Tissue pack can either be used by a person or be passed on to another individual.
  • High Retention Rate: People are less likely to dispose of the tissue like they would to a flyer. They will instead keep it for future use.
  • It is economical – You can save a considerable media cost at an average price of less than 30% consumer to produce; it’s an affordable and effective marketing tool to consider.