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Whatsapp & SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing for business has now been accepted globally, and it’s very effective and impactful for the growth of an organization. Making use of WhatsApp as your marketing campaign guarantees that your target audience will read your messages and adverts. WhatsApp has many captivating features that can be incorporated in your business.

  • Create a Brand Image: Whatsapp allows you to develop a brand persona that is more personal to your customers. Your potential customer would be able to see and treat you as a friend, and they are likely to be more receptive when receiving and reading your advert messages.
  • Consumer Behavior and Preference: You can use WhatsApp to have a broad understanding of the preference of your customer in other to channel your resources towards their personal needs. WhatsApp marketing is one of the best tools to carry out surveys, research or to capture information on your products and services and how the product is of value to them. By making use of their feedback, you can enhance your productivity as long you act on those feedbacks.
  • Whatsapp and SMS help in building a database of your customer’s phone numbers. But you must ensure you give them a substantial value in exchange for their contact. These can come in various ways such as; free service, information, a gift or a form of promotion. As these will motivate them to give you their WhatsApp or SMS contact.
  • Customer Service: Making use of Whatsapp or SMS allows for swift and quality customer service. Customers like fast and reliable services which both Whatsapp and SMS offer.