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Name Card

A well-designed name card can be of great help in any business, since it is essential to give your new clients in the first meeting. This is where the customers get some of your business details well outlined. However, you must have a good name card of high quality and professionalism that will have all the necessary information and appears to be very attractive to the clients.

SBSFlyer printing company has amongst the best services in name card printing in Malaysia with modern printing machines that print very quickly in terms of speed and of high quality. We offer professional name cards that are unique in their design through our specialists in different fields.

We produce name cards of brilliant colors and at different sizes. We give our customers promotions that are very favorable to them and charge our printing services at low cost. In our company we inculcate both printing techniques and commerce with the aim of creating a competitive marketing tool for our customers.

Whenever we are given a chance we deliver with the best of our capability. For more information call us or emails at