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Hand to Hand Distribution

With increased technology and social networking access, you may wonder about my need to promote on the street. When we communicate with our customers through social networks, it may seem strange, but we lose personal contact with them.

The street promotion works to re-connect customers on an individual basis. Puts the face on the company and gives your company a human touch. They’re tired of seeing your usual Facebook posts, static ads, and non-personal ads.

Commercial ads can simply be ignored, turned off, or seen as deep-seated creatures, but when another living person makes eye contact while presenting an attractive and professional brochure that represents their services or business, it has a much deeper impact on the individual.


  • People are more likely to remember your company with street promotion
  • Customers get the platform to have their questions answered, and they also get to find out more about your business
  • Makes customers feel valued
  • Gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base
  • Lets your reach out to even more customers

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