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Wisma SBS, No C7, Jalan Dataran SD 1,
Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200, K.L, West Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6270 1810
Fax: 03-6272 4810 (Sales Dept) l 03-6273 4810 (Accts Dept)

Believe it or not, Malaysia has amongst the best printing companies in Asia. However, they services range from small to corporate businesses which are very competitive and has the top notch reputation in this industry at Malaysia.

Printing services are on high demand since many people need their books, documents, manuals, magazines, newspapers printed. They also need their work to be done professionally by qualified printers who are in fact, specialists. Having the best colors, good design and the appropriate size is their first priority. This is true since having good brochures that are well done can act as a good advertising tool for any business.

Print advertisements are very informative than advertising through other media like television & radio because print enables the display of lists of its services, benefits and different products that they offer.

Considering that there is need of receiving printing services professionally done, experience high quality work at low cost with SBS printing company. In SBS its not just printing but meeting the demand of clients and knowing the needs and what makes the targeted audiences click. Place you order! For more information on quotes call us or email us at!